CSR Partnership-

Empowering the World through Training

Our customized CSR solutions offered

  1. Led by Corporate: Providing the flexibility of the organization to choose the type of skill, training mode and focus group to be trained, Percolate offers customized CSR partnership, allocating the funds received to maximize the social impact
  2. Led by Purpose: Delivering structured, time-saving and complete CSR solution packages to organizations, to bring about rapid transformative social change to the community.

Percolate strives to work towards the unique cause and passion for CSR delivery in education, partnering with organizations, through quality training programs for maximum social benefit. We aim to empower the developing countries through appropriate training and view CSR as one of the potential sources of financing skill development. Providing customized CSR plans and assistance, Percolate works closely with your organizational goals and outlook, with transparency guaranteed from planning to execution.

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) business model allows for-profit companies, large and small, to enact positive change to the community, simultaneously building the trust of their customers, while pursuing their organizational goals. It reflects the company’s integrity, value and change in outlook of viewing the community as developing partners rather than profit-generators. With the enforcement of Enactment of Companies Act, 2013, Government of India imposed CSR as statutory responsibility of every company. This initiative has led to the expenditure of an average 5056 crore Indian rupees to the development of the nation, in the education sector alone.