Corporate training

At Percolate we rise to meet the problems and challenges of each corporate company to provide the best customized L&D solutions. We deliver training programs to build a cultured of sustained learning at all levels of organization across the enterprise.

Corporate Learning and Development (L&D) Training Solutions offered

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Our L&D solutions provide

With executive oversight of a global, multinational and national organisational growth strategy, a myriad of challenges is faced by the L&D executives every day. Since each business is unique—with its own challenges, strengths, and culture—we work with you to tailor a customised learning solution to meet your specific needs. Partnering with Percolate provides your organisation the full range of L&D training solutions for corporates, from structured learning geared towards qualifications to team building, bespoke sales training, personal and inter personal development courses, product services like TMS, and productivity training for newly hires. We design our platforms to make the learning experience intuitive, so your future leaders can get to grips with the challenges of the course, not the challenge of accessing it.

Sustained learning at all levels across the enterprise

Customised Training solutions and services on a cost-effective budget

Microlearning assets to retain knowledge for longer duration aiming for faster turn-around time

Experiential, creative learning strategies through activities, games, assessments, animation and break-through techniques to maximise remote-learner engagement and improve knowledge transfer

Anytime-Anywhere learning services with our various training modes to cater to the needs of each

Building culture of sustained learning at all level, across the enterprise

Senior Leaders

Senior Leaders

Empowering senior leaders to act as catalysts to elevate the company’s growth, and help develop a culture of innovation through active training provided at all levels of management.

Mid Level Leaders

Mid Level leaders

Enabling mid level leaders to deliver effective solutions to meet the targets, enhancing the problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Junior Leaders

Junior Leaders

 Helping Junior leaders to develop the basic leadership and management skills to have a consistent approach in leading and managing teams. training provided at all levels of management.

Individual Contributor

Individual contributor

Guiding individual contributors to improve productivity through smart-work, enhancing their knowledge on how each individual can contribute in reaching the organisational goals.