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Why Percolate?

Why Percolate?

With the vision of ‘Once in, You fly’, we at Percolate are passionate about learning and has a rich and diverse experience in working with many clients all around the world. Our customized training service provides you the benefit of meeting your unique needs effectively so that once in, there is no looking back.

We believe that our top priority is client satisfaction. So, we put in all our efforts to deliver customized, fast, flexible and innovative solutions to experience world-class quality in each of the services offered.

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Who we are

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Our Founders

Paridhi Khandelwal and her sister Anshu Khandelwal founded Percolate Training in 2019 with the vision of equipping Indian organizations with relevant skills and empowering individuals to pursue their passion through focussed training. The dream of the sister duo is simple: ‘Once in, you fly’- desiring all their partnering clients to have a steady growth in their life from the services offered.
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Industries we serve

Percolate has its heritage in equipping thousands of organizations across a diverse range of industries-including corporates, universities, financial services, retail and manufacturing, insurance sectors, business etc. We offer solutions of consistent quality, timely delivery and high customer satisfaction with our team of professional certified trainers.
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Percolate "Once in, you fly"

Paridhi Khandelwal and her sister Anshu Khandelwal, Co-Founder

Meet Our Team

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